20 Best Digital Marketing Tools You Should Consider In 2020

Have you ever considered this- if you make proper use of digital marketing tools you could achieve all your goals and expand your business much quickly as you anticipate? These days’ digital marketing tools have become a very necessary element for gaining the best results in marketing campaigns. As the demand for digital marketing tools is growing, the product range is also increasing and it is very difficult to choose tools that are efficient and provide effective results. The four basic key factors that you should consider before you choose your tools are:

  •   Get more leads.
  •   Better ways to reach your target audience.
  •   Optimize your conversion rates.
  •   And an optimum budget for all of this.

I love looking for new products and tools that are very essential for digital marketing. So, are you a digital marketer who knows how important these tools are? So here’s, a list of 20 essential tools that can make your digital marketing journey the best one! What are you waiting for? Scroll down and read what’s best for you!!!


  1.   HubSpot Marketing:

HubSpot comprises of various tools that can be of huge help to you. It does not depend on which stage you are; it is a super useful tool.

To begin with, there is a huge list of tools that are free and are widely used. You can simply start by setting popup forms, live chatting software to gain the good lead, web forms, etc. You can also shoot emails for marketing campaigns, or pipe your entire data to CRM which is free again, and also analyze and evaluate the behavior of visitors for the site.

When you start using paid versions you have to keep one thing in mind that with the use of advanced versions of marketing automation, everything you do becomes extremely sophisticated.

If you wish to manage your data, manage your social media, or track your emails, and connect with various leads; HubSpot is the best choice you can make!

Finally, what does this tool offer you?

  •   You can increase the traffic to your site.
  •   You can shorten your deal cycles, and also increase the close rates using the provided sales tool.
  •   You can convert the leads.
  •   You can also verify the return on investment for marketing campaigns that happen inbound.

The cost of this digital marketing tool begins from the free version and goes up to $3200 per month for various enterprises. It basically depends on the plan you choose.

  1.   Yoast

This is one of the most well-known and very popular plugins. The best part is that it works with both WordPress as well as Gutenberg. It works with the classic editor of WordPress. It is a very impressive tool when it comes to optimizing your search engine as well as your content.

Yoast guides to select cornerstone content, it also guides you to use the best keyword to get a good rank, provides you with internal links that give an additional boost, and guides in selecting individual content URLs.

The best part is that this is always updated to the latest to give you the best experience. It reflects every two weeks to the algorithm of Google.

This digital marketing tool is free for WordPress, but you should remember that the premium version is paid and it completely depends on the sites you will require to monitor.

  1.   Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a great SEO tool that helps you boost the traffic for your website. It is extremely comprehensive. The U.S server has data for about 150 million keywords roughly, and this is higher in the other 150 countries! Isn’t this a lot of useful data?

This is a great digital marketing tool if you wish to make a stand in the market. It is superb to know where you stand between your competitors; it helps you to gain a good competitive edge. With the help of Ahrefs, you can know the top pages of your competitors, the rank of their contents, and many more.

With the help of the Content Gap tool, you can identify your weakness and the areas to improve. There’s a great feature called top pages which allows you to check the pages that get you huge traffic, and also lets you check the traffic on your competitor’s site as well.

Ahrefs is a very nice tool and keeps amazing me every moment with the new tools and features it has. Every day is a new learning day when it comes to this tool.

It is definitely a super powerful tool. 

This digital marketing tool costs from$99 to $399.

  1.   Canva Business

Are you a fan of designing customized images? I’m a huge lover. This tool is a designing tool that helps you to drag and drop to craft different images, shapes, fonts, posters, logos, icons, and a lot more from their own catalog.

It has some super aesthetic options and choices that you will love the most. It is a huge help when you want to design any logo, or create a presentation, or design an image, etc.

And you know the best part? You do not need to hire some professional or be one! Canva has a wide variety of images that you can use very easily. It is not at all a complicated tool for designing that will lead to make your profile super attracting and attract customers.

This digital marketing tool has a free version and goes up to $12.95 per month.

  1.   HootSuite

This robust tool helps you to manage your social media accounts, it is quite powerful. It allows you to store and save your content in the cloud, which can be used by your team members anytime they want for fulfilling the needs of posting on social media. This tool allows you to schedule multiple posts at one time with an additional feature of using tags and keywords.

By making effective use of this tool you can track your public conversations related to your brand and other specific matters, you can also keep a check on how your social media content performs. This tool helps in calculating your ROI and increases your engagement.

This tool costs $29 per month initially and ranges up to $599 per month. It completely depends on your use.

  1.   Proof

To begin with, let me tell you how proof works. Proof connects with your website or your CRM to get high engagement on your site with the help of social proof. They provide you with messages, videos, reviews, and make sure to aim at the customers who visit your site. All of this is done with the help of social proof (for example it will inform you that 30 people are viewing this specific post at this specific time)

With the help of proof, it’s easier to identify the potential customers and track everything they do on your website, this will definitely help you to interact well with them and optimize the design of your site. It is super impressive.

Hot streak notification and live visitor count are the most popular tools if you wish to know more about the perception of customers who visit your site. Isn’t this awesome, it helps you gain accurate feedback and responses. This is very simple to install, all you have to do is copy their pixels and paste them into your site.

The cost of this digital marketing tool starts from $24 per month but remember this tool completely relies on the traffic volume of your website.

  1.   Google Analytics

Google Analytics is like a best friend of yours if you are a digital marketer. It’s going to be with you at every step you demand. In fact, your life will be super struggling as a digital marketer if you do not have a good level of expertise in Google analytics.

For basics, you can check who visits your site, which pages do they check and spend the most time on, and in the advance level, you can set various goals in order to track various conversions, track all events, build as upper impressive setup for eCommerce, and definitely learn more about engagement with visitors and users.

Honestly, once you start using this tool you will just want to use it every now and then; I’m saying this with my own experience!!

This digital marketing costs nothing. Yes! It is a free tool. Isn’t this good news?   

  1.   MeetEdgar

This tool used for digital marketing is a very robust tool for managing social media effectively. This tool can write a post with the help of browser extensions, and also extract highlights which are important from the content you posted (up to 5 highlights).

It will be easier to sort content into various categories so that you can decide which content has to be shared when. You can make a 24/7 schedule for your posts, also if you run out of a schedule it will shoot old posts and make sure to re-post them. Remember the controls are in your hand; you can start or stop any time you want to.

It is also available for running various A/B tests that help you find optimal language for your content and great content for your post too. MeetEdgar is integrated well with Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

The cost of this digital marketing tool starts from $49 per month.   

  1. Buffer

This is a superb tool that is a one-stop solution for all your needs related to social media marketing. It offers advanced options for publishing; this can definitely boost your strategies for social media.

There are about 10,000+ marketers from various huge brands that use this powerful platform. These huge brands include Airbus, Vodafone, Samsung, and any more. Social face guides you about the content you should use to attract your marketing public face. You do not have to run to various other tools to use social media accounts even if you have multiple accounts; this tool helps you manage all your activities easily.

You can have a keen check on the performance of your organic viewers and also check overpaid emails with the help of these tools. With this, you can keep an eye on your competitors your audience, and also the marketplace. Depending on all of this you can make use of your strategies effectively.

This tool is free initially and might go up to $199 per month.

  1.                     Tagboard

Tagboard is a very different aspect that helps to curate social content and create real-time stories from a single dashboard. If you wish to grow your brand virtually and expand it to great levels, you can surely make a huge advantage from this.

It helps you boost engagement and interaction on your live, venue screens, and broadcast. It has some awesome tools that are very convenient to design stories.

Are you often afraid about the sources being authentic and real? Now, you don’t have to worry about this because Tagboard guides you to discover the content for social media from authentic sources and that too in real-time. It does not stop here along with the content it also offers you a display of videos and images.

  1.                     SEMRush

Online visibility and availability are definitely one of the most important things in today’s growing competition. This tool provides you with everything you desire. You get exact results for the efforts you put into digital marketing. With SEMrush you can audit your entire SEO as well as your backlinks. This does not end here; you can have a keen check on your semantic core, competitive intelligence, and also position tracking.

The feature this tool provides for PPC campaigns is the reason why digital marketers are in love with this. They have a variety of options like you can look for keyword groups, ad keyword, find benchmarks, and also work on creative. In addition to all of this, it still has more features that help you create great strategies to understand your competitors in order to gain a higher rank.

This is one of the best tools that can fulfill your needs as a digital marketer and is superb for search engines and optimizing your content.  This tool offers chrome extensions that make tasks and activities easier for you.

  1.                     Survey Anyplace

This tool is exactly as the name says, it helps you form your own questions and surveys to help you improve from experiences of the users. You can design a set of the question according to your wants and needs and add images when are where required.

These surveys are very easy to create and have a good structure for ease of use and are definitely compatible with devices including mobile. Remember the way you design your survey, the same way you will be receiving your responses. The detailed your survey, more detailed answers, and responses you will gain.

This is also a free version initially and it goes up to $42 per month.

  1.                     Trello

This is a super useful tool got managing your content. There is a huge list of huge organizations that use this tool for strategizing the content and brainstorming on ideas. Also, Trello is used widely on Hubspot to gain information about blog posts that are scheduled for publishing.

This tool is super handy for brainstorming and to schedule their contents online. It definitely attracts small teams because it’s free initially no matter if the team works locally or globally. Further, it makes the task easier by helping you assign members with a card that displays who is in charge of editing, writing, etc.  This is super fun to use because it lets you create your own notes on which you can write down everything that is important along with the deadlines too.

The cost of this tool is initially free for small teams and goes up to $20.83 for enterprises.

  1.                     Asana

Asana is a great visual system for managing workflow. It Is created to streamline goals and information for teams.

Asana has a huge list of things that you can perform using this tool:

  •   You can assign tasks to various team members.
  •   Chalk down details, deadlines, and a list of priorities.
  •   Record the projects that need to be completed and also visualize the same.
  •   De-silo information within the teams.
  •   Identify the various bottlenecks as well as points of friction.
  •   Provide reports on projects.

This awesome feature, the portfolio feature allows you to keep a check on the status of the project, make sure that the team has proper support, and mentoring to get the work done on time.

This tool is initially free and goes up to $19.99 based on the custom options demanded by the enterprises.

  1.                     Answer the Public

This is a very unique tool that has some great features. There is a list of questions that people keep asking frequently. These questions are related to certain keywords and keyphrases. This tool offers you features that help you look for these questions.

You can create a number of ideas that will surely grab the attention of the viewers. The ideas are divided into various sections that make this tool easier to use. It is very useful for PR, SEO, creative, and content.   

  1.                     Slack

This is an awesome tool if you wish to connect or network with various people in digital space. It also allows you to join the channel, or leave according to your convenience.

It runs in channels for certain kinds of information. This helps business conversations to reduce any kind of distractions or cut-off from any tangents. Since it is a very famous tool, it comprises of many more tools that make your work super easy.

This digital marketing tool is free for small companies or medium companies but has custom prices for enterprises.

  1.                     MailChimp

This tool is used for marketing using emails and also social tool designer for advertising. It is designed for making the entire campaign automated and well organized.

You can track the audience visiting your campaigns, as well as Mailchimp provides you integrations with SaaS organizations. This is a robust tool for the campaign which needs email drips. This tool is best for engaging with your audience.


This has a free version and raises up to $199.


  1.                     Google Adwords

This tool is extremely famous and an excellent tool used for advertising on search engines. This tool offers you a keyword planner, which helps you to look for keywords that you should include in your ad and your content in order to give a boost to your post. You can decide your budget according to the amount you wish to spend.

For example, if someone searches “best review on digital marketing,” you can definitely make use of SEO to come in recent search organically; but you could also bid on a keyword and appear in the topmost search. This helps you grab a higher number of visitors to your page or advertisement.

The cost of this tool depends on the pay per click concept.

  1.                     BuzzSumo

This is a very different tool that helps you in researching about content related to the biggest influencers in your fields and allows you to connect. You can make a desire list of audiences based on trending topics and evergreen topics. BuzzSumo helps you search the latest topics and defines a broad scope for your content. This helps you in measuring your performance effectively.

The cost of this tool begins from $79 per month.

  1.                     Five Second Test

Are you super busy and do not have time to keep a continuous check on the visitors who visit your site? I have a great solution for you, the five-second test! This helps you in keeping track of information that the users who visit your web page consume in the first instance. It’s the first impression that stays in their mind. It exactly briefs about what the consumers will recall eventually.

This will definitely help you in optimizing your design to create a good first impression.


There are plenty of options available these days that can help you tackle all your marketing issues, but you have to prioritize your list first. You should know which is the best tool for your business and will lead to an effective path for achieving your goals.

Digital marketing tools have become very important and hence it’s necessary to choose the best tools carefully after doing a well-research on available tools. Choose yours carefully and remember to make the most use of it! I will make sure to keep updating this list as and when I use more tools that provide effective results. Make your digital life magical by using these tools.


  1. Is digital marketing effective in 2020?

Yes, definitely digital marketing is growing at a rapid speed and offering some impressive growth opportunities.

  1. What are the great advantages of these digital marketing tools?

These tools are super effective and have many advantages and benefits for a digital marketer as well as the business. Some of them are as follows:

  •   Higher engagement opportunities.
  •   Helps in social connectivity.
  •   Reduces complications for digital marketers.
  •    The tools help in reducing time for carrying out digital marketing, and many more.
  1. What skills are needed for digital marketing?

The various skills that make you a good digital marketer are as follows:

  •   You should good content writing skills
  •   Great interest in video making and editing
  •   Understand designs and strategize them effectively.
  •   Techno savvy and professional skills.
  •   You should be persuasive

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